Wednesday, May 23, 2007

To God,

Dear God,
Please give us the wisdom of understanding the things as they are and also the wisdom of changable things against the otherwise. Please give chance for everybody to understand this.
Make all of our people happy and wise. Make us realise the purpose of our Life. Keep our World in peace, love and understanding. Please remove insecurities born out of ignorance in your Kid`s heart. I know you love all of us. We are puzzled when shall you give it in the way we understand. whatever be,we still love you, as you are our only Hope.

With lots of Love,
Your Kid

Let there be Care

This blog is written to get the attention of the ruling and administrative section of the government.
Every country has its own set of definition of growth and prosperity. India being obedient and culturally rich country is facing the toughest time possible. Actually India does not have any restrictions/limitations for its growth. Its like a pure pond for Lotus. Just because it is pure, the chance for impure things sticking it are high. I feel so. One such impurity is that the Government does not exactly care for the normal 'aam admi' or a commoner. In certain aspects like defence and strategy our govermnet is no second to any entity.. We feel proud of it. But when it comes to the ground reality of serving a common man, why it shows a sluggish behavior?
Let our govermnet work in sucha way that, it sets a benchmark or role model for others. My simple observation in day-today life hapenings is this:
Indian economy looks very very attractive that even foreigners like to invest here. Ok. Who/what is the reason for this? 1.Poeple 2.The current world economy 3.Few great visonaries and 4.Govt Aid. When we claim that we grow, all our people should get involved and get benefitted from that growth. Is is actually happening. Can a person with a monthly income of Rs.7000-8000, survive in any metro comfortably with a bit future saving? The answer may be yes but tainted with a big NO. The ultimate growth of any nation is not in the charts or presentations. It lies in the people and how much people are living comfortably.
Just because people earning capacity is increased, it does not mean that Govt should levy all possible taxes and take their money or it does not mean that real estate lordds have to unwantedly raise the commodity prices. And the bad part is that people buy aprtments worth 30%-40% of their actual money... Dear people....Please think for your own benefit.. Nobody will think on your behalf.. ONLY YOU HAVE TO. The best part of democracy is that, if majority of us needs regulation in a process, and work for it ,we will get it. Let us gradually and smartly stop encouraging the hyped business models existing in our society. But we should not stop enjoying comforts which we are entitled. That is very important. We dont want to give up things, we want regulated things only.
Dear Govt officials,
Please show some care for your fellow citizens. Power is the thing you hold in your hands and it is not acheivable by all. Good job you have done. It is a good feeling doing good things to our society.. Pls cultivate the habbit of tasting this success.. I know that practically it is impossible to be like Gandhiji, especially being in politics... Just have a thought that people beleive you that you will work for the mass to get food/shelter/dress, with less fight.
Everywhere it is the money that rules.. Actually no specific person is tobe blamed. Most of the present business model, is Alien models. They are not our indian models. even then why do we follow that? Because only foreigners started industrial revolution and service industries. So the natural tendency is to follow their philosophy. Well. So far so good. But where is our Indian thing in that. Please donot aim for exponential growth in revenue. Donot focus your business based on sales/revenue. Focus on values, your business will flourish.. We the people will support business with values. Although people may not do it initially, in the long run, we will supprt this type of business.. The intersting thing to share is that many companies in india have this value based business model. Wow...How nice to hear?
My humble request to the mid-level authorities of govt, whom people interact directly,
We understand that you may have your own set of troubles/challenges in your job. It is all about balancing them. Please understand that people beleive in you. Be strict in doing your duties. As far as possible donot encourage coruption in people. Make them feel worthy of our govt policies and your service...

With Love.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Incredible India

This post is the outcome of my chnage in the view towards our country. I started to feel great about India. Its a relative feeling too. Practically from my view, the incredible things in india are:

1.The poeple.
3.The Concept of Family.

Tobe continued......

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Technology always amuses and facinates people. The Scientists who invent a new technologies does things for social well-being and for some intellectual satisfaction. Both the reasons are highly acceptable. Recently I interacted with a Police person, who has inherited the care for our nation, in a big way. I heard something from him, which i thought is sharable.
Way back the human civilization, every country tries so hard to safeguard its human resources from artificial disasters. Good governments ONLY try to avoid those disasters, but Uncultured Governments try to create those disasters to the neighbouring countries or the second next powerful country, so that the other country spends their energies/money in heeling that disaster,rather than spending on conductive and useful things.
India has the following image in the outer world: 1.Third Nation, 2.Land of Religion and 3.Land of Intellectuals(Prospective Techno Giants). Can you guess which country is so afraid of our intellectual wealth? Easy. they are No:1 in technology now... As said perviously, this country now treats India as their potential competent and decided to follow what a "Uncultured Gov" intends to?

The present econimic Giant(notJapan) planned for a bid bio-tech war on India.. The technology they use now is the Genetic Engineering..

The imported food items are suspected to have some gentically modifed elements into that.. We cannot fight alone this warfare.. Rather we can regulate our food habits by being more indigenous. Be careful friends!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

All for One.....One for all...

The title seems tobe some what socialisitc funda.right?? What these verses appeal to me is this blog for today..
Have we ever thought what everybody is looking for. All of us look for only one thing in the world.The one thing can be put in different ways and in different manifestations..The thing all of us are looking for is love. Here the word "love" is highly power-packed. It should be understood in very proper sense.
Many times we would have felt that suddenly our life is somewhat monotonous or void. This can be well experienced by people who works a lot or interact mostly with unmanifesting things.
Well!!! What it makes a person very happy, if he interacts with a lively and manifesting thing like a human being or his pet dog or any living thing. I would say that,when he interacts he share his attribute of love with the other person, knowingly or un knowingly. This attribute of love is manifested in different form and to different extent.
Lets spend some time to see whats the greatest manifestation of love known to mankind...
The the highest form of love manifestation is between a mother and her child. Because in this relation, one person(mother) is ready to accept anything what the child says as love and ready to give so much what the child can accept. This is something that happens sans any expectations or obligations.Without our knowlegde we are receiving a greater gift called love from our mother...
The one universal principle applies for all is love.
In our sanathana dharma, the highest principle of mankind is Love of God.. Even the atheist who deny god cannot deny love..Let him name it anything...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


This is very funy section.
I forgot my username and password for blogging suddenly..
Then I reoverd it immedietly thru` blogger help.
Thats it..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Power of Simplicity

The power of simplicity really admires me.

I just spent some time to analyse the pattern of simplicity. The Simplicity which I mention here is not "lack of variety or lack of high profiles"... The thing which I would like to mention is a bi-product of all the greatest things in the world, i.e., SIMPLICITY...

To put in simple words, All the great things in this world are simple, but not 'all' the simple things in this world are great.. To throw an example..... Mother`s love is simple...(no expectations), yet it is greatest..One example for the other side of the coin... A straw, which is simple, but not that great...


Ancient Indian philosophical and educational system, had the habbit of putting very great things in a simple way..The great Indian Pilosophical verse" Aham Brhmasmi", is literally a three-word simple sentence in sanskrit, which describes, who is GOD, what is our constitutional position with the GOD. Certanly these information is not very simple. I wonder the mind setup of those guys, who lived in that age, to understand the actual meaning of those Power packed verses... Just imagine how much simple,humble and powerful their minds to grasp those verses...
Another example, in which, the vedic mathematics defines, the division in a sinple word "EkaAdhikena-Purvena". Thats it..Division is taught...

I am imagining a scenario, in which the master sits in his alter, and all his students sit down with high degree of curiosity... the master utters some words in sanskrit...and at the end of the sesion, those students are equipped with the knowledge of division, fractions,conics,trigonometry,self-science... Really Amazing...Right??

The list goes on!!!

Hats off to our grand Parents!!!!!!!!
Feel Proud of our Land and culture!!! Because it is!!


First Blog

This is my first blog.
Thanks to ragavan for creating interest in me to BLOG..
Although heard of blogging for many times.. this is the first time I felt like having one and jott many..

Readers....wish me good success..for blogging.

May be very formal.... Imapct of writing many mail to manager and customers daily:-)